The Biggest Mistake in Dating.....and Sales!

Do you start your sales conversations with a dissertation about how impressive you are?

October 28, 2022

You've been there.....the first date that starts and ends with your companion talking incessantly about themselves. Maybe they actually take a breath and ask you a question but, as soon as you start to answer, it reminds them of something they forgot to say....about them! If you're like I was back in my dating days, that was also the last date with that person. I simply have no tolerance for Me Monsters!

Well, I hate to say this but far too many salespeople....and business owners....make this exact mistake when they try to begin a new conversation with a potential customer. And, it's just as deadly in terms of getting a second chance. For more, watch the short video below.

Start by being INTERESTED, not interesting!

GREAT salespeople know that you always begin a new sales conversation by learning about the person you are hoping to serve. Who are they? What is important to them right now? Are they even struggling with a problem you can solve?

Don't make the mistake of starting your sales messaging with a pitch. Start by being INTERESTED, not interesting!

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