Two Lenses of Sales Success - Platform vs People

April 10, 2024

On the exciting path to ramping up sales, small business owners like us often hit a fork in the road that can really make us scratch our heads: Do we lay down the groundwork and build a strong sales infrastructure first, or jump straight into the action by hiring a savvy sales pro who can land deals and help build that foundation along the way? This decision might look like a no-brainer at first glance, but let me tell you, it's anything but simple. It's one of those big decisions that not only sets the immediate direction for our ventures but also shapes the way we grow and connect with our customers down the line.

Understanding the Platform Lens

The platform lens is often referred to as a Sales Operating System or SalesOS. At Altezza, we define a SalesOS as "An integrated mix of brand, marketing and sales components that power business development and revenue generation." I cover the details and key ingredients in this blog post but to summarize it again, they include things like vision, values, brand, target audience, unique value proposition in addition to sales strategy, process, funnel and systems. All of these factors work together to create internal clarity about why your business exists, who you hope to serve, and how you will attract, acquire and serve those people successfully.

Understanding the People Lens

Alternatively, the people lens prioritizes relationships, empathy, personalized engagement and the discipline required to move prospects from curious to closed. This perspective recognizes that at the heart of every closed sale is a human being or business with unique needs and desires. When you have the right person executing your sales strategy it fosters loyalty and can lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

The Synergy of Platform and People

Here's the thing - finding the perfect balance between the Platform and the People on our team is absolutely key to hitting those sales growth goals we all dream about. It’s like trying to ride a bike with one wheel missing if we don't have both in harmony. And here’s something super important to keep in mind:

No matter how talented a Sales Professional might be, they will struggle to attain lasting results without an effective Platform.

Imagine this: you bring on a fantastic sales talent, eager and ready to bring new clients into the fold. But if your SalesOS isn’t up to scratch, they end up spending most of their time fixing problems instead of doing what they do best – closing deals. It's like having a star quarterback spending half the game fixing his helmet instead of throwing passes. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common and can lead to a frustrating cycle where it takes a long time for new sales professionals to really start bringing in returns. Just when they're about to turn a corner, they’re often shown the door, blamed for not meeting expectations, when in reality, the root of the problem wasn’t addressed from the start.

It’s a tough cycle, one that happens way too often and it’s not only costly but also a bit heartbreaking. The real kicker? Most of the time, the finger of blame points at the salesperson when, in fact, taking a closer look at the Platform could make all the difference.

So Now What?

In the end, the debate between Platform versus People is not about choosing one over the other but understanding how each enhances the other and which one comes first. In the journey toward sales success, the integration of Platform and People offers a strategic advantage that is far greater than the sum of its parts but...

In order to make the most of the People, you have to begin with Platform.

At Altezza, our process is rooted in this truth. This is why we begin every journey with a new client by assessing and improving their Platform before we match them with the right People. Yes, it creates a little more time and effort between the beginning of the journey and the placement of the sales professional but it also ensures a faster path to the sales results we all want to experience. After all, in the wise words of the Navy Seals, "Slow is Smooth....Smooth is Fast!"

Is your Sales Platform strong enough to hire a Sales Professional today?

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Are your sales processes set up for success? Find out now.
Are your sales processes set up for success? Find out now.
Are your sales processes set up for success? Find out now.
Are your sales processes set up for success? Find out now.
Are your sales processes set up for success? Find out now.
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