10 Key Ingredients of a SalesOS

May 25, 2022

At Altezza, we use the term "Sales Operating System" (SalesOS) a lot. It's a term that means a lot to us but is mostly "fuzzy" to our clients until we've worked with them for a little while. So, I took a couple of minutes to explain the concept in this two and a half minute video.

Here is how we define it....

"An integrated mix of brand, marketing and sales components that power business development and revenue generation."

There are the 10 key ingredients that must exist and work together to create a SalesOS

  1. Company Vision
  2. Company Culture
  3. Brand Identity
  4. Target Personas
  5. Buyer Journey
  6. Sales Funnel
  7. Sales Process
  8. Sales Enablement
  9. Sales Strategy
  10. Sales Systems

Effective sales don't happen by accident and it's not just about sales talent, skill or experience. It happens when you have talent, skill and experience operating in concert with a system that supports it in a fully integrated fashion.

If you want to get a quick snapshot of the health of your current SalesOS, take our free Sales Pulse assessment and see how you score.

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