Are your sales processes set up for success? Find out now.
Are your sales processes set up for success? Find out now.
Are your sales processes set up for success? Find out now.
Are your sales processes set up for success? Find out now.
Are your sales processes set up for success? Find out now.

About Us

Introducing the Modern Sales Strategy, Process and Team

The Salespeople + The Process

Some of our clients want more from us than just great salespeople, they need assistance with creating the best sales processes as well. We’ve got that!

Altezza’s Fractional Execution
and Orchestration Process

We can help you design the optimal sales process to assist in maximizing results. We will do so by assessing your current sales operating system and recommending effective adjustments. We then provide monthly calibration sessions for the purpose of reviewing, refining and perfecting your process based on real-time feedback from sales conversations.

We can tailor our service to focus on pre-sales discovery, full cycle sales, or something in between. The bottom line is we are focused on one thing: moving prospects from curious to closed.


What Are People Saying?

We are grateful for our partnership with Altezza. They have not only boosted our sales potential but given me my time back. At a team dinner, my wife observed, that I have been able to spend more quality moments with my family and have been able to devote thoughtful consideration to the bigger picture of our business. It's more than just a sales win; Altezza's impact has resonated across multiple areas of our organization.

Matt Hadley
Wander Creative

Altezza's Assessment brings together veteran ministry relational sales and process know how and packages it in a way to advance your organization's mission. It provided our team at Intentional Churches a valued outside voice to assess what we had built and what was needed to get to the next level of helping churches mobilize their people to reach and grow their friends. Kudos to Steve and the team!

Doug Parks
Intentional Churches

We engaged with Altezza because we wanted an outside perspective on the effectiveness of our sales strategy and marketing approach. Altezza's assessment process not only answered those questions, it surfaced a need for us to revisit our core purpose, mission and vision and ensure our team was fully informed and aligned around those critical components. We are thankful for what we learned from Steve and the team at Altezza and look forward to accelerated growth as a result.

Taylor Linder
Truth and Co.

Pre-Altezza coming onboard, I was doing every single step of the sales process myself: cold outreach, nurturing warm leads, following up, more follow-ups, and onboarding of new clients. It became exhausting and was taking massive energy away from actually working with my clients! I was referred to Altezza through a colleague and Steve immediately got to work on pairing me with a seasoned salesperson, which took all the guesswork out of the hiring and onboarding for me! Pam quickly connected with my message, my brand, and the best way forward for my company: she came in swinging with ideas and execution of those ideas!

Rachael Wonderlin
Dementia by Day

We hired Altezza to fill a gap on our team with the expectation of increasing the momentum we were already experiencing. We were masterfully matched with a sales pro who seemed to naturally share our values from day one. Throughout the process, our sales pro felt like a full fledged member of our Team. Our sales reached new heights this past year and we are coaching more Leaders than ever before. We owe Altezza credit for alot of this. If you are looking to pour gas on your momentum while also refining your systems for growth, I wholeheartedly recommend the Altezza team!

Shawn Lovejoy
Courage to Lead

I've led and managed the sales strategy at Churchteams since the beginning, and while I love interacting with church leaders, I needed to. reallocate my time to other responsibilities that would serve our team and subscribers better. As hard as it was to come to grips with, I needed to take off my sales hat. We hired Altezza because it would help us make this transition in a more affordable fashion. After all, great salespeople don't come cheaply! Altezza immediately spoke into our current messaging and helped us better articulate our unique vision and approach to Church Management.

Boyd Pelley
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