Why Fractional?

Laser-Focused Sales Support...
While You Lead Your Company’s Growth!

Fractional Salespeople

Experienced, seasoned sales professionals equipped to serve your company on a part time or “fractional” basis. They come equipped with all the necessary tools including techniques, skills, and market perspectives to serve you. They hit the ground running and get the job done without the higher costs, distractions and extended timelines associated with the traditional recruiting, hiring, relocation, and onboarding required for new, full-time employees.

Assess and Advise

We start by learning about you and your business, and how you currently generate revenue. We then examine the current key elements around your sales process including unique value proposition, lead generation, and buyer journey. Next, if needed, we pave the way for success by closing any identifiable gaps by then installing our proprietary sales processes. Then we match you with the salesperson or salespeople that can deliver the best results.

Are You Here?

You desire growth and scale and it’s time to make a pivotal decision.

Will you continue to do it yourself? Will you invest the time, energy and resources required to bring on a full-time, experienced salesperson with a resume and rolodex that might take your company to the next level? Will you take a chance on a friend? Or, will you hire someone less experienced but more affordable and hope for the best?

Every single one of those common choices carry significant risk to your margin, your finances, and your brand.


There are multiple opportunities to grow your business with Altezza.


Do you have a healthy stream of inbound sales opportunities but wish you were closing more of them? As a Principal of your business, are you spending more than 20% of your time managing these opportunities? If you answered YES to one or both of these questions, our Account Executive service may be perfect for you.


Could your current sales leader or team benefit from some experienced coaching, encouragement, and accountability? Our Coaching service will guide them to new heights of performance, success, and personal growth.


Do you have a robust list of potential clients but no time to connect and pursue a relationship with them? Do you need someone who can qualify prospects and create more Sales Qualified Leads? If you answered YES to one or both of these questions, you are ready for our Sales Development strategy.


If you're not quite sure where you need the most help and what you should focus on first when it comes to sales growth, our Evaluate and Accelerate service is the perfect place to start. We assess every aspect of your business development strategy from the clarity of your brand to the effectiveness of your lead generation and the strength of your sales process. You gain a better understanding of where you are today and what actions will have the greatest impact on sales growth.

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