Altezza and Announce New Partnership

Serving small businesses with full-cycle sales execution and supporting women pursuing flexibility in their career path.

March 3, 2023

A LOT of small business owners are “stuck” because they need margin to work ON their business but they just can’t get there. One of the biggest obstacles is the time they spend trying to close new business. addresses this problem by providing part-time sales expertise around cold-calling and appointment setting.

Altezza addresses this problem by providing part-time sales expertise around cultivation, nurturing and closing.

Working together, Altezza and will now provide access to over 1,000 women who have proactively chosen a flexible, remote career path so they can focus on other personal priorities like caring for their children or aging parents. This access will greatly expand the base of experienced sales professionals available to serve small businesses across the country. It will also create a compelling, full-cycle sales offering when that is what will serve a business owner best.

Dawn Wellott, Founder and CEO of is enthusiastic about the partnership, too. She commented,

“Having a full-service sales arm is pivotal for Now our clients won’t have to pick and choose services or manage the work themselves, if that’s their choice. Being able to offer any sales solution our customers desire is a game-changer.”

Steve Caton, Founder and CEO of Altezza states,

“I couldn’t be more jazzed about this new relationship with Part of our mission to bring cost effective revenue growth to small business owners includes a passion to support experienced stay-at-home professionals. We know there are millions of women who are incredibly skilled at sales but, for any number of reasons, prefer the freedom and flexibility of part-time remote work.”

In summary, this new partnership between Altezza and will create a tremendous new access to this workforce and create opportunities for them to apply their skills in service to growth-minded entrepreneurs across the country! For more of the story, watch the video below.

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