Chasing Rabbits!

Is your sales approach focused on attracting and acquiring the RIGHT customers or are you chasing rabbits?

August 24, 2022

I love taking my dog, Champ, out for his first walk of the day. The temperature is comfortable. The sky is a brilliant hue of blue and the mountains look amazing as the early morning sunlight accentuates every detail. Champ, on the other hand, loves it because it's one of two times during the day when the fields are full of rabbits. Few things are more entertaining than watching him bolt all over the place, trying to catch those elusive little creatures. I always find myself wondering what he would do if he actually caught one!

"This is what it looks like to chase any sale instead of chasing the RIGHT sale!"

On this particular day, I was reminded about the similarities of Champ's favorite activity and how many of us approach sales. In the effort to hit quotas, win the monthly sales competition or grow our own businesses, we often bolt after potential deals that we probably won't catch and, even if we did, we would likely regret. This is what it looks like to chase any sale instead of chasing the right sale! It burns a ton of calories and it might be fun if you're one of those people who loves the thrill of the chase but it's largely a waste of time and energy.

Growing your business the right way is about securing the right customers...the one's that fit your ideal client profile and your values. The temptation to chase revenue over fit will lead to high rates of customer churn and potential damage to your brand so DON'T do it!

Instead...take the time to clearly define your ideal client in terms of their problems, their mindset and their values and then be intentional about selling only to those who fit the profile...or those who desperately want to. Your business will be so much better off in the long run as a result.

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