The Accidental Growth Lid

Four ways business owners inadvertently stunt their growth when they won't let go of sales.

September 21, 2022

When I launched Altezza, it made total sense for me to be the one leading the sales efforts. Why would I spend the money to hire a salesperson right out of the gate? It's not cost effective and no one knows the nuances of the business better than me. I'm sure every business owner can relate.

However, if I don't get to the point where I release this responsibility to someone else, I am going to create a growth lid on my business....and I sure don't want to do that!

In the short video below, I explain four different ways that we stunt the growth of our business when we refuse to let go of the sales function...

If you don't get to the point where you release sales responsibilities to someone else, you are going to create a growth lid on your business! Here's how...
  1. Opportunities fall through the cracks
  2. It prevents you from working ON your business
  3. It slows the development of effective systems and processes
  4. It makes you look like a small-time player

This very problem is what inspired me to start Altezza. Few things excite me more than releasing entrepreneurs to focus on the things that will truly scale their business....and free up their time for whatever priorities inspire them. Hiring good salespeople isn't an easy thing to do and, historically, it hasn't been affordable either.

Altezza addresses both challenges and prevents you from holding back the growth of your vision and mission.

Let's have a conversation about it!

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