That Time I Hired A Friend!

Hiring a friend to do sales for you might feel like a great idea but.....

December 14, 2022

When you're looking to hire your first salesperson, it's often quite tempting to hire a friend. After all, you know them, trust them and believe in them. What could go wrong?

A lot actually!

I share more detail in the video but here are 5 legit reasons this is a bad idea.

1. You don't REALLY know someone until you hire them.
2. What you learn about that person in either case can be really uncomfortable, especially when you learn that your friend isn't a good salesperson.
3. If things aren't working well, it's really hard to be objective which can delay a decision that needs to be made, setting you back even further than you already are.
4. Your friend might expect a level of grace or even generosity from you that they would never expect from anyone else.
5. If you have to terminate them, there's a good chance you will be terminating the friendship as well.

These aren't theory's. These are lessons learned in my real-life journey. What about you? Have you hired a friend for sales in the past? Would you do it again?

If not, let Altezza grow your sales and protect your friendships.

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