Maximize Sales. Minimize Risks.

Access Experienced Sales Professionals...
Without the Overhead and Hiring Time

Welcome to Altezza. Let’s accelerate your sales!

The 1099 workforce, independent contractors, on-demand experts, hired guns, heavy hitters—no matter what you call them, are working on a fractional (part time) yet highly focused basis. They are the future, and they are ready to go to work for you.

Our clients utilize us to fill gaps in their internal sales teams or manage their entire sales cycle with expert fractional salespeople that deliver amazing results. This allows them to better allocate resources, expand capacity, and hit higher sales goals.

Our salespeople are highly skilled experts that show up for a predetermined amount of time to accomplish very specific goals. Their expertise and focus translate into more closes, shorter sales cycles and higher contract values. Our model accelerates your growth with much lower financial risk.

If You are HERE then we are HERE for you.

Are you ready for
experienced sales talent but
not sure you can afford it?

Does your focus on acquiring new customers prevent you from working ON your business?

Do you fear the risks of making a bad sales hire?

Do you have gaps in your current sales team?

We Deliver the People that Deliver Your Results.

Altezza salespeople are seasoned, experienced professionals that you don’t have to search for, interview, interview again, hire, onboard, train, and then wait, hope and pray that they were the right choice. There is an extremely high probability that our salespeople will not only be a good fit, but will blow you away!

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